Sculptra Liquid Facelift I Galway

Why Choose Sculptra for a Liquid Facelift?

Med Aesthetics proudly offers the Sculptra Aesthetic liquid facelift, a leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure favored by many. Research indicates that over 78% of Irish women prefer non-surgical facial enhancements, and Sculptra® fits this preference perfectly. It preserves your natural look while providing lasting improvements. Sculptra® is ideal for correcting deep folds, sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and even deep scars, offering results that can last up to 3 years.

How Sculptra Works

Sculptra Aesthetic works by gradually restoring facial volume lost due to aging. Its main ingredient, which has been used in surgical operations for over 25 years, stimulates your body's natural collagen production. This results in a gradual and natural enhancement of facial volume, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles and folds.

Comfort and Duration of Treatment

Sculptra treatments, administered by our specially trained experts, are designed for comfort with minimal side effects. The procedure can be conveniently completed during a lunch break, making it ideal for those with busy schedules.

Visible Results and Longevity

While results vary, the effects of Sculptra® become noticeable over time as collagen production increases, typically providing enhancement for up to 3 years.

Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care is straightforward. Patients can usually resume their daily activities immediately, with minimal downtime. Specific aftercare instructions will be provided to ensure optimal results and comfort.

Number of Treatments Needed

The number of treatments varies based on individual needs. Sculptra is administered over several sessions to allow for a gradual and controlled correction. This personalized approach ensures results that are both natural-looking and long-lasting.