Lip filler I Galway

We use fillers that stand out for their specific design aimed at subtle lip plumping and smoothing, including defining lip lines and smoothing vertical lines around the lips (smoker’s lines). Our results are long-lasting, generally up to 1 year, providing a naturally refreshed look that is noticeable yet discreet.

How Does It Work?

Lip Filler works by adding a bit of volume to the lip tissue, creating definition, and smoothing lines, while also attracting moisture for a well-hydrated look.

How Comfortable Is the Treatment?

The treatment, including the use of lidocaine, is tailored for comfort, even in the sensitive lip area. Providers often apply a topical numbing cream before treatment to further enhance comfort. The process involves a sensation of pressure but typically minimal pain, making it a comfortable experience for most patients.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Results from Lip Filler injections are immediate and long-lasting, persisting for up to a year. The filler is naturally absorbed by the body over time, and repeat injections may be needed to maintain optimal correction.

What Is the Postcare?

Post-treatment care includes recommendations to avoid strenuous exercise, extensive sun or heat exposure, and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours to prevent temporary redness, swelling, or itching at the injection sites. Providers may advise using an ice pack over swollen areas and will inform when makeup can be reapplied.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Typically, only one treatment is required to achieve optimal results. However, since the correction is temporary, maintenance treatments might be needed to sustain the desired appearance.

Additional Benefits of Lip Filler

  • Enhancing Lip Volume and Contour: The treatment enhances lip volume and contour, offering fuller lips or redefined shape with subtle volume and natural-looking results.
  • Improved Lip Hydration: It improves lip hydration, giving the lips a smoother, softer, and more supple appearance due to its hyaluronic acid-based formulation.
  • Smoothing Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Effective in smoothing fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, it contributes to a more youthful and vibrant appearance.
  • Natural-Looking Results: The treatment ensures natural-looking results, blending enhanced features seamlessly with your natural facial contour.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: Offering results that can last up to 12 months, it reduces the need for frequent touch-ups.
  • Minimal Downtime and Quick Procedure: The treatment has minimal downtime and is typically quick, fitting easily into a busy schedule.
  • Customized Treatment: It offers customized treatment options to meet specific needs and desired outcomes.
  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: By addressing specific concerns and enhancing natural features, the treatment can boost self-confidence and overall self-esteem.