BTL Lymphastim I Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Galway


At our skin clinic in Galway, we are pleased to offer the BTL Lymphastim treatment, a non-invasive therapy that enhances lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation. This treatment is an excellent choice for those aiming for smoother, less dimpled skin. Lymphastim is a clinically-proven system that not only assists in detoxification and weight loss but also provides an all-over-body treatment with immediate visible results​​​​.

Why Choose Lymphastim at Our Galway Clinic?

Lymphastim therapy at our Galway clinic is a holistic solution for various health and aesthetic concerns. It accelerates the body's natural healing process, aids in weight loss, eliminates toxins, and shapes and tones the body. Additionally, it can reduce inflammation, improve skin tone, and even help prevent varicose veins. This treatment is also beneficial for those experiencing 'heavy legs' syndrome, making it a versatile option for overall wellness and beauty​​​​.

How Does Lymphastim Work?

The BTL Lymphastim operates on the pneumatic presso-therapy principle. It uses special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers to provide a gentle massage. This massage supports the natural movement of lymph throughout the body, effectively aiding in lymphatic drainage and circulation improvement​​​​.

Comfort and Duration of the Treatment

Clients at our Galway clinic often describe the Lymphastim treatment as a pleasant experience, akin to a relaxing massage. Each session typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. The treatment is designed to be comfortable, ensuring a soothing and therapeutic experience for our clients​​​​.

Post-Treatment Expectations in Galway

Following a Lymphastim session, clients can immediately return to their daily activities as there is no downtime required. This makes Lymphastim a convenient choice for those with busy schedules. Clients often report a distinct feeling of lightness in their legs and notice visible improvements in swelling, skin color, and reduced visibility of vessels after just a few sessions​​​​.

Number of Treatments Needed

For optimal results, we recommend between 4 to 6 Lymphastim sessions over a few weeks, with treatments typically scheduled 7 to 10 days apart. Many of our clients notice significant results after the first couple of treatments. Lymphastim can be a fantastic standalone treatment or used in conjunction with other therapies, like Elixis elite treatments, to enhance results​​​​.

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