Hormone Optimization IV Therapy

At MedÆsthetics our staff will look to regulate your hormonal balance in order to optimize your health & get you feeling at your best. It is absolutely important that you give your body what it needs to function, when it needs it, our customized IV drips expertly are formulated just for you. This is the future of the multivitamin and optimizing health.


Caring for your mind is a no-brainer! It is important to stay sharp and keep your brain strong We believe we have concocted the perfect mixture to help light up those neurons and optimize cognition! We know you plan to change the world, so here’s a little edge for your mental game!


Battling a sore throat, runny nose or just not up to par? This iv is designed to boost and strengthen your immune system No need to wait until you are sick to benefit from this high dose of extraordinarily beneficial vitamins and minerals.


There are times we feel imperfect and occasionally we feed our body comfort food or drink. This occurs usually around the holidays but there is a solution. The Detox IV contains an exceptional blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that support the liver and kidneys in the detoxification process. Be prepared to feel back on top.


Our guts are a hormone factory, containing most of our immune system. This drip provides the benefits of alkaline-rich foods lacking in the typical Irish diet. Designed to balance the gut, the alkaline environment deters cancer growth and decreases the body’s need to steal calcium from our bones.


No matter if you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, dehydration of any severity can affect your concentration, memory and overall athletic performance This strategic formula fuels your cells and nourishes your entire system to boot. Experience superb mental clarity and increased physical stamina with this treatment!