Ganglion Cyst

Ganglion cysts are benign lumps that are found most frequently adjacent to the tendons of the wrist or hand. They are fluid-filled sacs that grow out of a joint, like a balloon. They may appear suddenly, sometimes gradually. The ones that grow at the wrist tend to be larger and more noticeable; smaller ganglions can remain hidden under the skin.

Pain is not usually the main complaint, although the ganglion can put pressure on the nerves. They may flutuate in size. Sometimes the small, hidden ganglions cause more discomfort. The larger ones, whether painful or not, may be unsightly.

How are Ganglions treated?

Ganglion cysts frequently respond well to non-surgical treatments, which usually involves aspiration (removal of the fluid) and injection of steroid.  If this isn’t successful, surgical excision is indicated. All the above will be discussed in details during your consultation*.

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