Breast Reduction

For some women, large breasts are a real problem. Back and Neck pain are very common. In addition, patients complain of from finding well-fitting clothes, rashes under the breast, bad posture, balance issues, and low self-esteem. Some patients are simply embarrassed about their large bosoms. These are a just a few reasons many women choose to reduce the size of their breasts.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction?

If you suffer from back pain, bad posture, infections or rashes under the breasts, or shoulder pain and grooves caused by bra straps pressuring your shoulders because of the weight of your breasts, you are probably a good candidate. Body Mass Index (BMI) ideally should be under 30 for Breast Reduction Surgery. If you smoke, you must stop smoking before and after the surgery.  We will give you more detailed instructions before your surgery.

What results can I expect from a breast reconstruction?

You can expect a visible change right after the surgery. The results will get much better as the swelling and bruising diminish. Over time, the scars will diminish becoming much less visible. If you suffered from back pain, shoulder pain, rashes, and infections under the breasts, these discomforts should improve or resolve. Of course, complications may arise from any surgery. They can include infections, blood loss, and wound healing issues. However, complications are usually minor and can easily be treated.