Aqualyx is an injectable treatment made up of a modified compound called deoxycholic acid that dissolves localised areas of fat in the body. This liquefies the fat cells that are being targeted, breaking them down, and the fat is ultimately eliminated from the body by the liver.

This product is particularly effective in treating smaller areas of stubborn fat that may be difficult to remove by other means. Aqualyx isn’t an injection for weight loss; it is used for contouring the body and slimming down those stubborn fat areas. This includes fat on or around the knees and thighs, below the buttocks or on the chin, hips, stomach and back. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, the fat won’t grow back either.

Even though it is considered a minimally invasive procedure, there is some pain and swelling involved. However, it is nothing like the recovery time of having liposuction.